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Mercedes Benz:

W Merc 2.jpg (152683 bytes)

 W Merc 1.jpg (181398 bytes)

These top two photographs show a complete but very tired early 1930's 540K Mercedes radiator.  Upon stripping it out we found that the brass in the shell had aged and started de-zincifying.  A new outer shell and top header tank back plate therefore had to be made to go with the new radiator core.


 We re-used the filler neck, inlet and outlet pipes, and we are very pleased with the way the whole job turned out.  The customer is arranging for the chrome plating of the finished radiator.

Mercedes core section.jpg (46945 bytes)  W_Merc_14 upright.jpg (121393 bytes)

Benz complete 3.jpg (148732 bytes)Restored 1921 Benz radiator before electroplating.

This Benz radiator was a major rebuild, utilizing some original parts such as a filler neck and pipes.  We made a new full depth tube and full depth zig-zag fin core to original specifications, and a new surround.


Malta Hurri tank tinned 3.jpg (40428 bytes)

Rebuilt Hawker Hurricane radiator ready to accept its cores.

This Hawker Hurricane radiator was an original tank that was recovered from Russia.  The top of the tank and one pipe were badly burned.  We re-used the bottom portion of the tank and the internal baffles, and re-made the top of the tank and one pipe.  Radiators cores to original specifications were made and fitted to this tank.  This radiator was rebuilt for an aircraft that was restored to taxing standard only and will not fly.  We recommend that radiators for flying aircraft should be new made and not rebuilt like this one.