Hard stamps - we make these stamps to custom designs for inspection and quality control identification for our customers.

Vin Fiz Radiator filler neck and cap - This was replicated from original photos to produce the delicate shape. This gave the finished radiator the nostalgia that it deserved.

since 1963

Tamaterau Engineering is a sister company that works alongside Replicore NZ.  Its association helps with the design and tooling stages of radiator and shell production. This relationship gives Replicore the ability to offer unique radiators driven by the same passion in both companies. This bond gives us a strength which we put back into the market with top of the line quality radiators that we believe are the best in the world today.

Tamaterau Engineering’s workshop offers an extensive toolroom with traditional machining processes complimented with modern CNC equipment. Our dedicated team will work with you to fulfil your need to do it right first time every time.

The images below show a sample of what we can offer. The Tamaterau Engineering website www.tameng.co.nz reflects the quality products that we produce on a daily basis.

Tamaterau Engineering does not only produce radiator tooling or parts, so if you have a need for new part to be made or an original part repaired for your restoration project please contact us either through nick@replicore.co.nz or james@tameng.co.nz so we can help you out.

P40 Oilcooler Valve Block - Made from a solid cast block and milled to produce the finished component.
This will be fitted and silver-soldered to the shell.