Completed Reproduction Radiator

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We offer advice to help those in need achieve a desired solution, from concept to completion. This has led to an increasing demand for the manufacture of complete aircraft coolers including shells along with recoring and refurbishing of car radiators and on occasion full builds.

Replicore offers mainstream cartridge radiator cores through to specialised and unique builds.  As you will see in our manufacturing page we have embraced the need to give you the customer what you want.  Some of the cores that Replicore has made cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  This demonstrates our passion for the industry as a whole. It is only with the input of our sister engineering company that we are able to achieve this.

Our policy is to reproduce as per original specification if drawings are available or reverse engineer when we are fortunate enough to have a genuine core to copy.  Often we need to build using old photos from an almost forgotten era and scale the image to get as close as possible in the reproduction. We believe our core manufacture to be the best quality produced in the world today and to achieve this we only use copper imported directly from Germany.

Completed Reproduction filler neck and cap


Vin Fiz – Radiator drawing which our
construction was based around.


Filler neck & cap – Some historical photos.